Sunday, January 15, 2012

Just a lil bit about me.

I was born and raised in Marlin Texas which is about 20 min from Waco.  Marlin is known for it's most incredible mineral water from the natural water falls that flow there.  Actually people still come from all over the state for its wonderful healing properites.  I really never knew that til I was talking with my aunt over the holidays.  I remember the water being so fresh and clean but like every kid growning up there thinking that just is how water  taste.
 I just turned 50 and recently semi-retired, I am a nurse.  We had a horse farm we recently sold, still living in the country but not as much secluded.  My horses are boarded at a nearby farm in volant pa which majority of the residents are amish, horse and buggy land for sure.
I also make handmade soap mostly from goats milk.  It is something I ventured into over 3 years ago and found I was really good at, it allows me to be creative when in the past did not feel I could be.  I am just starting to make a business of it "Three rivers soaps" and this year will be experimenting on other body products like shampoo, goats milk lotion and sprays.  I also am just starting matching candles.  I go to local craft fairs and the butler farm market in the spring through fall.
I wanted to start this blog mostly because I have so many recipes of my grandma rebecca and aunts birdy and caroline to start a library of cookbooks.  They do not all belong to them i also have a collection of recipes i have tried over the years and really just wanted a online place to store them.  I plan on getting back to basics, making good old fashioned food some healthy some not but please comment if you read my blog.

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