Sunday, January 22, 2012

How to make perfect mashed potatoes

Is there anything as perfect as mashed potatoes at a home cooked meal.  It is truely the ultimate comfort food.  It is perfection with a dab of butter and ultimate with your home made gravy.  It is probally one of the first foods we feed our babies when we try to convert them from jarred food to people food.  Mashed potatoes are so simple but everyones version of the mashed potato can be as different as their personality.  They are not hard to make but for years I struggled for the right combination.  After 27 years of trying,  my aunt caroline taught me the mystery of the perfect mashed potatoes.  Go ahead serve the gravy but with this recipe all you need for perfection is a plate and spoon.
I think the key is adding the hot cream mixture to the hot potatoes and it makes the difference.

Perfect mashed potatoes
4 pounds of golden yukon potoatoes(any will do but these make a creamier blend) peeled and cut into quarters
2 tablespoons of Salt
2 cups heavy cream or fresh whole milk
1 stick butter
salt and freshly ground black pepper

Put the potatoes in a large pot cover with cold water and add 2 tablespoon salt.  Let come to boil over medium high heat until potatoes are tender about 20 minutes.  Drain the water from the potatoes.  My aunt uses a food mill to mash the potatoes I just use an old fashioned masher and roughly mash the potato.  Cover to keep warm.  In the meantime While mashing the potato I use a small pot on a low heat melt the butter and add the heavy cream salt and pepper to taste.  When about ready to come to a boil when it just starts to simmer I slowly pour the hot cream mixture in the potatoes and them mix on high with a hand held mixer.  Add more salt and pepper to taste and serve.

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